Tell the President, and members of Congress, to save our Christian brothers in the Middle East from the escalating genocide. Here is what the US government must do to help Assyrian Christians:

1. Protect Assyrian Christians from acts of terror and genocide.

2. Establish an Assyrian province in northern Iraq, so that Assyrian Christians do not have to live under an unjust Muslim leadership that is complicit in acts of terror and genocide.

3. Provide aid in the form of food, medicine, funding for education, and economic stimulus to help Assyrian Christians rebuild.

Contact the White House
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The genocide of Assyrian Christians is a major crisis that has not received much attention in the news. You can help by informing everyone you know about what is happening. Direct them to this web site,, for more information.

The great city of Nineveh was the
capital of ancient Assyria.